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Active Members (paid) have access to the Clan Forbes Reference Library of historical books. These include information about the House of Forbes and the history of Scotland, Here are just a few examples.

  • Clans, Septs, and Regimens of the Scottish Highlands, by Frank Adam, FSAScot. (1908)

This classic book describes the history, law and society of Gaelic Scotland (the Scottish Highlands) with the focus is on the elite, the chiefs, precedence, and the decisions of the Lyon Court. 

  • Culloden Papers: Correspondence from the Year 1625 to 1748 of Duncan Forbes, Lord President of the Court of Sessions, edited by  Duncan George Forbes, of Culloden, Esq. (1815) 

This is a fascinating contemporary look at the history and issues of Scotland as seen through the Forbes of Culloden, especially Duncan Forbes, Lord President of the Court of Sessions.

  • Genealogy of the Family of Forbes, by Mr. Matthew Lumsden of Tulliekerne written in 1580 (1819) This document is one of the major sources of the current volume of House of Forbes.

  • The Highlanders of Scotland, by William Forbes Skene (1837) Volume I contains the origin, history, and antiquities of the Highlanders as well as a sketch of their manners and customs. The second is an account of the clans into which they were divided and the state of society that existed among them. It was edited by Alexander Macbain and contains notes by him as well.

  • History of the Troubles and Memorable Transactions in Scotland and England from 1624 to 1645, by John Spalding (1829)  This is a fascinating contemporary look at the political and religious controversies of the early 17th century. Book relates the arrival of 12 English bishops to Parliament with their protestations, and are committed to the Tower; reports murder and bloodshed in Ireland; chronicles the oppression of the Puritans; and recounts the origins of the Covenanters.

  • Lyon in Mourning, by Bishop Robert Forbes (1775) This is a collection of Journals, Narratives, and Memoranda relating to the life of Prince Charles Edward Stuart at the subsequent to the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745. One of the best contemporary records of the Jacobite rising of 1745-46, this collection was compiled between 1746 and 1775 by Robert Forbes (1708-1775), episcopal Bishop of Ross and Caithness from 1762 and a strong Jacobite. His manuscript collection is now housed in the National Library of Scotland.

  • Memoirs of Edward Forbes, F.R.S., Late Regius Professor of Natural History in the University of Edinburgh, by George Wilson and Archibald Geikle (1861) 

Born on the isle of Man, Forbes (1815 - 1854) was a respected naturalist and scholar who became curator of the Geological Society of London and professor of botany at King's College London.I n 1854, he was appointed professor of natural history at the University of Edinburgh.

  • Memoranda Related to the Family of Forbes of Waterton (1630 - 1725), by John Forbes (1775) This is a collection of manuscripts of John Forbes., born in 1754, who served as heir to the last Thomas Forbes of Waterton.

  • The Scots Peerage: Containing an Historical and Genealogical Account of the Nobility of that Kingdom: FORBES, by Sir James Balfour Paul, Lord Lyon King of Arms (1907) This section of the Peerage includes only the sections regarding  Lord Forbes of Forbes and Lord Forbes of Pitsligo. This includes the controversial contention that John, second son of the 8th Lord Forbes, "was still de  jure  Lord Forbes for a brief space," overlooking the chosen Master of Forbes, the third son Arthur.​

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