Forbes in the Military

20th and 21st Centuries

Neill C. Ogilvie-Forbes O.B.E

Neill C. Ogilvie-Forbes O.B.E

British Royal Air Force (RAF)

Pilot, Instructor, Squadron Leader, Wing Commander, Air Commodore

Air Vice Marshal

Years of Service:

1922 - 1952

Ogilvie-Forbes was a pilot and then instructor until he was selected to the Royal Canadian Air Forbes to oversee Canadian test flights in 1929. Ogilvie-Forbes transferred to the 13th Squadron in 1933 and was promoted to Squadron Leader in 1936. Ogilvie-Forbes headed the training of the Iraqi Air Force in 1939 and was promoted to Wing Commander that year. In 1945 he was appointed acting Air Commodore and assumed the position as the Air Attache to Brussels, Belgium. He was awarded the Order of the British Empire, Officer, in 1946 and promoted to Air Commodore in 1947.