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Clan Forbes Society Newsletter
January 2019

The House of Forbes is an ancient family with its origins in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom. The House has six different branches: Lords Forbes, Pitsligo/Newe, Corsindae/ Monymusk, Corse/Craigievar, Tolquhon/Culloden, and Towie/Brux. Read more here.

Family Story: ​The Mystery of Jotham Forbes

My Forbes family in central New York State was very fortunate to have a relative who was an experienced genealogist. However, the genealogy turned up one mystery that had puzzled me for decades. Read more here.

For three days in August 2016, I explored the ancestral Forbes lands in Aberdeenshire. Our guide was Jamie, Lord Sempill, of Clan Chief Tours. For two nights, we were the guests of Malcolm and Jinny, Lord and Lady Forbes, at Castle Forbes. Read more here.

The Clan Forbes Society website includes a Reference Library with many historical texts, available only to Active Members. Those volumes include:

  • Culloden Papers: Correspondence from the Year 1625 to 1748 

  • Genealogy of the Family of Forbes (basis of the book House of Forbes)

  • Memoirs of the Life of the Late Right Honourable Duncan Forbes

  • The Scots Peerage: FORBES

  • The Works of the Right Honourable Duncan Forbes, of Culloden


Suggest other books by sending a message to news@Clan-Forbes.org.

Please let us know of upcoming events or if you are a Clan Forbes Tent Convener. E-mail: News@Clan-Forbes.org. Thanks!​

Jan 19-20, 2019

Central Florida Scottish Highland Games, Winter Springs, FL

Clan Forbes Convener: None

Jan. 26, 2019

Sarasota Highland Games & Celtic Festival, Sarasota, FL

Clan Forbes Convener: None


Feb. 23, 2019  

Northeast Florida Scottish Games & Festival , Green Cove Springs, FL.

Clan Forbes Convener: None

March 2, 2019

Southeast Florida Scottish Festival & Highland Games, Plantation, FL
Clan Forbes Convener: None

March 2-3, 2019

Phoenix Scottish Games,
Phoenix, AZ

Clan Forbes Convener: None

March 9, 2019

Panama City Scottish Festival & Highland Games

Clan Forbes Convener: None

You will learn about the history and heritage of the House of Forbes; trace your genealogy with your cousins around the world; connect with other members in the Clan Forbes Community; share your family stories online; and join with members in events, tours and gatherings. Society Clan Forbes Society, Inc., offers three types of membership: