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Clan Forbes Society Newsletter
June 2019

Forbes Down Under


The House of Forbes has made an impact all over the world, including “down under” in Australia and New Zealand. While Australia was used as a British penal colony starting in 1788, thousands of Scots also emigrated to Australia for financial reasons. As a result, 2,023,474 Australians in 2016 (8.6% of the total population) claimed some Scottish ancestry. The most famous Australian Forbes of the 19th century was Sir Francis William Forbes (1784 –1841.) Forbes became Chief Justice of New South Wales in 1822 and completely revamped the system of justice. From the First Fleet in 1788 until 1968, the Australian government has maintained lists of passengers and a sample of those Forbeses are included here

Maternal  Bond

A mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) test traces your matrilineal (mother-line) ancestry through your mitochondria, which are passed from mothers to their children. Since everyone has mitochondria, both males and females can take mtDNA tests. Testing can uncover your mtDNA haplogroup, the ancient group of people from whom your matrilineage descends. This test provides a list of matches who share common direct maternal ancestry within 52 generations. One member of the Clan Forbes Society has agreed to share his mtDNA results from Family Tree DNA so that you can understand how this testing can be useful to your genealogical research. Learn more here.  

Join Clan Forbes Society Today!


Please welcome the new Active Members who have joined in May 2019: Diana Leigh Forbes Lucas of New Zealand; Maura Phillips Mackowski of Arizona; and M. Hollis Hutchinson of Texas (known to fans as Maggie Foster, author of the "Loch Lonach" mystery series.) Your financial support of $25 will help the Society research the history and heritage of the House of Forbes; develop resources for tracing your genealogy with your cousins around the world; connect with other members in the Clan Forbes Community; and encourage more members to join us in events, tours and gatherings. If you know your genealogy, you can become a House of Forbes Member! 

Society Clan Forbes Society, Inc., offers three types of membership:

Registration Now Open: 2020 Clan Forbes Tour


The Clan Forbes Society is pleased to announce that the 2020 Clan Forbes Tour has been confirmed and registration is now open! Developed with Jamie, Lord Sempill, of Clan Chief Tours and Thistle Dubh Enterprises, this six-day tour includes visits to Castle Forbes, Druminnor Castle, Tolquhon Castle Pitsligo Castle, Culloden House and more. Of the 20 maximum reservations, we have already received six confirmations. The deadline for the first deposit of $500 is due by September 10 – but the trip may be closed by then! Learn more here

Royal Bloodline


The House of Forbes can claim a heritage of royal blood stretching back through time to the Kings of Scotland and the Kings of the Picts. This ancestry includes such royal names as Stewart, Bruce and Mac Alpin – and the royal blood is mostly due to the maternal line. Alexander Forbes, the First Lord Forbes, married Elizabeth, the only daughter of George Douglas, Earl of Angus, and granddaughter of Robert III. Through Alexander Forbes’s battle skills and bravery, the House of Forbes was firmly established with land, title, and a royal bloodline. Learn more here.

Calendar of Events

Clan Forbes was well represented at recent Highland games and gatherings!

Rick Forbes represented the Society at the Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games.

Leslie Furbish Ingram met many clan member at the  Maine Scottish Festival at Old Orchard Beach. 

Upcoming Events

June 14 & 15, 2019: Chicago Scottish Festival & Highland Games, Illinois. Convener: None.


June 15, 2019: Mid-Maryland Celtic Festival, MarylandConvener: None.


June 29, 2019: Alaska Scottish Highland Games, Alaska. Convener: None


July 11-14, 2019: Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, North Carolina. Convener: Ron Pearson


July 13, 2019: Dundee Scottish Festival, Central New York State. Convener: None.


July 20 & 21, 2019: Arizona Highland Celtic Festival, Flagstaff, Arizona.  Convener: None.

Aug 2, 2019: Annual Highland Games, Michigan. Convener: None.


Aug. 3 & 4, 2019: Colorado Scottish Festival & Rocky Mountain Highland Games, Colorado. Convener: None.


Aug 17, 2019: Maine Highland Games & Scottish Festival. Convener: Leslie Furbish Ingram


Aug  17 & 18, 2019: Bitterroot Celtic Games & Gathering, Montana. Convener: None.

Aug. 24, 2019: 178th Lonach Highland Gathering and Games, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Traditional Clan Forbes Gathering


Aug 24, 2019Long Island Scottish Festival and Highland Games, New York. Convener: None.

Aug 31 & Sep 1, 2019: Caledonian Club of San Francisco Scottish Highland Games at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds, California. Convener: Valerie Edwards


Aug 31 & Sept 1, 2019: Virginia Scottish Games & Festival, Clan Forbes Convener: Ron Pearson

Want to be a Clan Convener at your local Scottish Festival and Highland Games?  Download the Clan Forbes Convener's Guide, make your tent reservation, and we’ll send you a Convener’s Kit with banners and educational materials!