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Clan Forbes Society Newsletter

August 2019

Family Portraits in Castle Forbes


Clan Forbes Society Active Member Dorian Forbes celebrated her birthday at Castle Forbes in July 2019 -- and gave her fellow clan members the gift of photos of some of the portraits at the Castle! Please see the album at the Castle Forbes Portraits Album.

Archives of Old Clan Society Newsletters Now Available


The Society is pleased to announce that the newsletters of the old Clan Forbes Society have been scanned and are now available in the Members section of the website at www.clan-forbes.org/archives. This represent an important record of the old society in the years between 1995 to 2011. While much of the information reflects the Scottish games and festival culture, many articles include some Forbes history, many travelogues, and reports from Castle Forbes by Malcolm, Lord Forbes, when he was still Master of Forbes. The Old Clan Forbes Society was incorporated in Virginia in 1979 as a trade association under section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code by Harlan Baker Forbes, Jr. of Alexandria, Virginia, and Lt. Col. William Albert Forbes, II, of Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Clan Forbes Society Welcomes New Legacy Life Members

Since the new Society is dedicated to continuing the work of the old Society, it has agreed to recognize the previous Life Members. Thanks to the good work of former Secretary/Treasurer Ron Pearson, the Society has updated its membership list and has received $2,000 from the old Society’s treasury. Please welcome these new Legacy Life Members:

  • Ms. Erika K. Powers Appelt (IL)

  • Mr. Harold T. Armstrong (NJ)

  • Mr. Donald Berry (CA)

  • Mr. Michael K. Brett-Surman (VA)

  • Ms. Susan Hillick Colussy (GA)

  • Mrs. Judy Forbes Davis (GA)

  • Mrs. Edward B. Edelen (MD)

  • Ms. Valerie Walters Edwards (CA)

  • Mr. Bryon T. Forbes (SC)

  • Mr. Christopher Charles Forbes (NJ)

  • Mr. Daniel Forbes (FL)

  • Mr. David Michael Forbes (SD)

  • Mr. David Scott Forbes (KY)

  • Ms. Denise Forbes (Quebec)

  • Mr. Gene Forbes (TX)

  • Mr. Harrison Scott Forbes (SC)

  • Mr. James Gordon Forbes (CA)

  • Mr. Jay M. Forbes (CA)

  • Mr. John F. Forbes (MD)

  • Miss Julia Lee Forbes (MD)

  • Mr. Nelson H. Forbes (AL)

  • Mr. Peter Forbes (VA)

  • LTC Philip Albert Forbes (VA)

  • Mr. Ralph Daniel Forbes (NC)

  • Mr. Stephen T. Forbes (CT)

  • Mr. William E. Forbes (OR)

  • Mr. Ernest Theodore Forbes III (SC)

  • Mr. Robert H. Forbes Jr. (NC)

  • Mr. Leroy L. Forbes Sr. (TX)

  • Mr.  Robert Eugene Forbess (WI)

  • Mr. Jack Forbus (MS)

  • Mr. Douglas William Fordyce (CA)

  • Mr. John Frederick Fordyce (VA)`

  • Mrs. Janet Stewart Gorum (TX)

  • Miss Barbara M. Hall (VA)

  • Miss Peggy J. Hall (NC)

  • Mr. James Dulany Hall Jr. (GA)

  • Mr. Roy John Hawthorne (OH)

  • Ms. Gretchen Susan Hennig (CA)

  • Ms. M. Hollis Hutchinson (TX)

  • Mr. Calvert Berry Johnson (GA)

  • Mrs. Anne Hall Klein (NC)

  • Miss Wendy S. Kreider (AZ)

  • Mr. Danforth Forbes Lincoln (CA)

  • Ms. Linda L. Moore (VA)

  • Mrs. Peggy Forbes Murdock (IA)

  • Mr. R. Clark Pearson (VA)

  • Mr. Ronald W. Pearson (VA)

  • Mr. David Wooten Proctor (AL)

  • Mrs. Kathryn C. Pearson        Tisdale (VA)

  • Mr. John W. Tower Sr. (VT)

  • Ms. Mary Ann Treakle (VA)

  • Ms. Leonie Forbes Turgeon (Quebec)

  • Mr. Thomas Allen Waltermire (OH)

  • Mr. Ronald M. Watts (KS)

  • Miss Kris Anna Williams (NJ)

  • Mrs. Martha Forbes Worrell (MD)

Welcome New Active Members

  • JoAnn Forbes Aylsworth (OH)

  • Bryan Lawrence Forbes (OR)

  • Evelyn A. Forbes (OH)

  • Marvin Forbes (CA)

  • Sylvain Forbes (Quebec)

  • Jason R. Forbus (Italy)

  • Wendy Grubb (LA)

  • Mary Forbes Hahn (VA)

  • Lynn Forbes Hales (NC)

  • Richard Meservey (FL)

  • Patricia Forbes Smith (GA)

  • Larry Evans Tune (GA)

  • Stacy Workman (NC)

  • Mark Forbes Wray (WA) 


Welcome New House of Forbes Members


  • Jim L. W. Faulkinbury (CA)

  • Ramond D. Fobes (AZ)

  • Mary MacGowan  (MI)

Your Active Membership of $25 will help the Society research the history and heritage of the House of Forbes; develop resources for tracing your genealogy with your cousins around the world; connect with other members in the Clan Forbes Community; and encourage more members to join us in events, tours and gatherings. If you know your genealogy, you can become a House of Forbes Member

Castles & Mansion Houses of the House of Forbes Now On Amazon

Castles & Mansion Houses of the House of Forbes, the Society's own photo heritage book, is now available from Amazon.com for US$69.99! You can also receive a copy as your gift for a donation of US$60 or more. Due to international shipping rates, offer valid only in the U.S.A. For more information see Castles & Mansion Houses of the House of Forbes.

Druminnor Castle Featured in Whisky Documentary 

Druminnor Castle, the original Castle Forbes, is featured in the 2017 documentary Scotch: A Golden Dream produced by Island Productions LTD. In a 1:30 minute segment, Professor Steve Murdoch of the University of St. Andrews and Dr. Kieran German of the University of Strathclyde discuss an old potstill found at the castle. Alex Forbes of Druminnor Castle will be welcoming all participants in the August 17 - 23, 2020, Clan Forbes Ancestral Tour. You can see the video on the Druminnor Castle webpage

New Clan Forbes Merchandise Now Available

Show your Forbes pride by purchasing and displaying official merchandise from the Clan Forbes Society Member Store. Our initial products include: Castles & Mansion Houses of the House of Forbes Poster (semi-gloss, 20" x 16, $21.95); Luggage Tag (acrylic business card slot, $15.95); Bumper Sticker (vinyl, 3" x 11" wide, $5.95); Canvas Tote Bag (natural material, 15.75" x 15.25," $12.95); Magnet (3" round, scratch and UV-resistant mylar, $5.95); and Button (3" round, scratch and UV-resistant mylar, $5.95.) Zazzle frequently offers promo code discounts and provides a 25% discount for purchases of 10 or more. For every purchase, the Society receives a royalty -- so stock up today! Shop at https://www.clan-forbes.org/store

Share Your Photos and Clan Forbes Updates!


Having a Forbes family reunion? Showing off your Forbes tartan kilt? Visiting Castle Forbes? Share your photos with the Clan Forbes Society! Our new Social Media Maven is Kathryn Pearson Tisdale (center) and she wants to hear from you! You can message her through the Facebook site @ClanForbesSociety or e-mail her directly at kackeyt@yahoo.com.

Highland Games and Scottish Festivals


Clan Forbes Society was well-represented at the recent Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, which are the oldest and largest in the country -- and was featured in the book and video series Outlander! Clan Convener Ron Pearson, daughter Kathryn Pearson Tisdale, and Society President Bart Forbes had a great time meeting current and new Society members. They added about 20 people to the e-mail list and signed up 7 members! Here are the upcoming games and festivals:

Interested in  representing Clan Forbes Society at one of these Games? Download the Clan Forbes Convener Guide and we'll help you out!