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Clan Forbes Society Newsletter
February 2020


 “Copper-bottom” Forbes (1756–1823) was a prosperous copper smith and landowner who purchased Callendar House in Falkirk, Scotland. He secured lucrative government contracts for sheathing ships with copper and amassed a fortune, thus the nickname “Copper-bottom.” Forbes. Forbes outbid the 16th Lord Errol for his ancestral home of Callendar, which had been seized by the government. Now styled Sir William, 1st Lord of Callendar, Forbes made significant alterations to Callendar House and developed magnificent gardens and a large park. Learn more here.


Trying to unravel the tangled branches of your family tree in Scotland? Check out the over 30 Clan Forbes family trees now posted! The trees start with John de Forbes (died 1387), the grandfather of the first Lord Forbes, and continue through the early 20th century. The trees are based on the information published in the book “House of Forbes.” The families and cadets include the Forbes of Corsindae, Balfluig, Boyndlie, Monymusk, Camphill, Leslie, Auquhorthies, Blackford, Corse, Craigievar, Granard, Auchintoul, Pitsligo, Meikle Wardes, Newe, Culquhonny, Callendar, Rothiemay, Tolquhon, Culloden, Foveran, Pitnacaddel (Forbes-Robertson), Waterton, Echt, Skellater, Thainston, and more. This treasure trove of genealogical information is located here.

Welcome New Members!

Please welcome the very first new Active Members for 2020: 

  • Nancy Kay Forbush, Missouri, USA

  • Stuart Dwayne Forbes, Ontario, Canada 

  • Andrew Kim Forbes, New Zealand

  • Annette Zamarchi, New Hampshire, USA

  • Donald C. Forbes, Texas, USA 

  • Rebecca W. Hudson, North Carolina, USA

  • Gordon Forbes, MBE OStJ, Scotland, UK

  • William McGilvray Forbes II, Florida, USA

  • Robert Forbes, Ireland


Our thanks also go out to our first Patron Member: 

  • Barry Robert (Bart) Forbes, Virginia, USA

If you haven’t already supported the Society financially, please consider becoming a paid member! Active Membership is $25 annually will help the Society research the history and heritage of the House of Forbes; develop resources for genealogy; and encourage more members to join us in events, tours and gatherings. 


Thanks to all our 2019 members – and now it’s time to renew your support for 2020! Renew your membership here. If you don’t want the bother of renewing your membership every year, consider becoming a Patron Member for lifetime membership. If you can link your lineage to the Forbes family founders, you can become a House of Forbes Member

Scotland's immortal bard Robert Burns had a very special regard for Forbes. Thanks to a royal waiver of the usual whisky duty, Forbes of Culloden provided two-thirds of the whisky consumed in Scotland from the Ferintosh distillery. When the privilege was removed in 1785, Forbes of Culloden closed his distillery. Burns was so aggrieved that he wrote in the 1785 poem "Scotch Drink:"

Thee, Ferintosh! O sadly lost!
Scotland lament frae coast to coast!
Now colic grips, an' barkin hoast
May kill us a';
For loyal Forbes' charter'd boast
Is ta'en awa?


Learn more here and read the complete poem here!

2019 Clan Forbes Society
Annual Report

This past year was a very successful one for the Clan Forbes Society! We re-established our non-profit corporate status, appointed our first Advisory Council, held our first elections, created a website of over 150 page of Heritage and Genealogy articles, established an online reference library, regained control of the FamilyTreeDNA Forbes surname project, started the House of Forbes family tree on Ancestry.com, built an e-mail list of over 350, attracted over 85 paid members, welcomed about 60 Legacy Life members from the old Society, published our first book Castles & Mansion Houses of the House of Forbes, sold out our Clan Forbes ancestral tour slated for August 2020, and financially we ended up over $3,500 in the black! If you are a paid member, you can read the complete Annual Report here on the Society Business webpage.

Highland Games & Festivals


Clan Convener Ann Forbes and her sister Carolyn had an awesome time at the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games!


We’re now compiling the list of 2020 Highland Games and Scottish Festivals. Please send the dates of your local events to VP for Conveners Leslie Furbish. Thank you!


Become a Clan Convener!


Interested in representing Clan Forbes Society at one of these Games? Download the Clan Forbes Convener Guide and we'll help you!