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Clan Forbes Society Newsletter
March 2020


In recognition of Women’s History Month, we honor the painter Anne Forbes (1745-1834). Anne was born into the family of Forbes of Pittencrieff, near Dunfermline. In 1767, family friend Robert Chalmers arranged for family and friends to support her at the level of £200 pounds per year in order to study painting in Rome. After three years, she moved to London where she could not deal with the stress of painting the rich and powerful. She followed her heart and settled in Edinburgh to teach and paint on her own schedule. Learn more here.


American Patriot John Faubus (also spelled Forbis and Forbes) was born August 25, 1759, in Virginia and fought in many Revolutionary War battles, such as at Kings Mountain (1780), Cowpens (1781), and Eutaw Springs (1781.) After the war, his family moved to Kentucky, where he died in 1854 at the age of 96. Read more about this remarkable patriot here.

Welcome Members!


Please welcome our new Active Members for February 2020: 


  • Mr. Allen Brockett Forbes, Virginia, USA

  • Mr. Ben J. Forbus, Maine, USA

  • Ms. Gemma Miles, England, UK


We also welcome back our renewing Active Members:

  • Ms. Susan F. Graham, New York, USA

  • Mr. Rick Forbes, Texas, USA

  • Ms. Carolyn R. Forbes, Mississippi, USA

  • Mr. Edward (Ned) Benjamin Edelen, Jr., Maryland, USA

  • Dr. Maura Phillips Mackowski, PhD., Arizona, USA

  • Mr. Richard Meservey, Florida, USA

  • Mr. Marvin Forbes, California, USA

  • Ms. Connie Harlow Branch, Virginia, USA

If you haven’t already supported the Society financially, please consider becoming a paid member! Active Membership is $25 annually will help the Society research the history and heritage of the House of Forbes; develop resources for tracing your genealogy with your cousins around the world; connect with other members in the Clan Forbes Community; and encourage more members to join us in events, tours and gatherings.


Thanks to all our 2019 members – and now it’s time to renew your support for 2020! Renew your membership here.


Patron Members


If you don’t want the bother of renewing your membership every year, consider becoming a Patron Member for lifetime membership at the level of $600.  We welcome the latest Patron Member:

  • Antonio Forbes-Uribe, Virginia, USA


Part of the legacy of the House of Forbes is the remarkable Fettercairn Jewel of Lord Pitsligo. This jewel is one of a very small number of Renaissance jewels to have survived in the British Isles. Set with a large almandine garnet, it features an elaborate scene in enamel on the back. This 16th century jewel is now at the National Museums Scotland from the private collection of the Forbes of Fettercairn, descended from Sir William Forbes, brother of Alexander Forbes, first Lord Forbes. Learn more here.


Bunchrew House was the birthplace of Duncan Forbes, 5th Lord of Culloden (1685 - 1747) and Lord President of the Court of Sessions. Simon Fraser, 6th Lord Lovat (c. 1572–1633) built a castle on this site in about 1615, complete with a moat and a drawbridge. He died here in 1633. John Forbes, 2nd Lord of Culloden (died 1688) purchased Bunchrew in about 1669 from a son of Lovat, Simon Fraser of Inverallochy. While the earliest part of the house can still be seen today at the western end, the moat and a drawbridge are long gone. Bunchrew House is now a now a 4-star hotel. Learn more here.

Highland Games & Festivals


We’ve juts posted the new list of 2020 Highland Games and Scottish Festivals in both the United States and Canada, thanks to the good work of Vice President for Conveners Leslie Furbish. Please see the complete list of Games & Festivals. Here are a few of the upcoming events:


Please send the dates of your local events to VP for Conveners Leslie Furbish. Thank you!

Become a Clan Convener!


Interested in representing Clan Forbes Society at one of these Games? Download the Clan Forbes Convener Guide and we'll help you!