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The Clan Forbes Society is dedicated to helping and encouraging all those with Forbes ancestry to connect with their Scottish roots.

Clan Forbes night at the 2018 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, with Clan member Jay Fox Forbess and representatives from the Lonach Highland Gathering & Games. Malcolm, Lord Forbes, stands on the right with his clan chief badge of three golden eagle feathers. Photo by Steven Rennie, the Games official photographer.

Become a Member of the Clan Forbes Society

You will learn about the history and heritage of the House of Forbes; trace your genealogy with your cousins around the world; connect with other members in the Clan Forbes Community; share your family stories online; and join with members in events, tours and gatherings. Society Clan Forbes Society, Inc., offers three types of membership:


Affiliate Membership. You can register as an Affiliate Member simply by adding your name to the Clan Forbes Society (Society) e-mail list. No fee is required. You will receive regular communication from the Society and stay informed about all the new posts, events and information available to the public.

Active Membership.  You can become an Active Member if you are 18 years or older, pay an annual membership fee of $25, submit a complete Active Membership Application, and are approved by the Society Board of Managers. You will receive your official Membership Card and Certificate; gain access to the Members section of the website and the Society’s Facebook Group; become a Voting Member for elections and bylaws; receive discounts for publications, merchandise and events; and be eligible for positions of leadership within the Society.


House of Forbes Membership. You can become an House of Forbes Member if you are 18 years or older; pay a lifetime fee of $100; submit a complete House of Forbes Membership Application that documents your direct lineage from John de Forbes, founder of the House of Forbes; certified by the Society Genealogist; and are approved by the Society Board of Managers. You will receive your official House of Forbes Membership Certificate and your genealogical information will be added to the official family tree of Society.