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Discovering Your Roots

We all have families that shape who we are. Genealogy is looking beyond our immediate family in order to discover what has affected us, where we came from, and how we are all connected. Clan Forbes Society, Inc., encourages you to start researching your genealogy, sharing your ancestors with others to find new family members, and discover the amazing cultural heritage that links us to Scotland.

Genealogy Research. Here's a quick guide to starting your own genealogy research from However, if you get too frustrated you can always find a professional at the Association of Professional Genealogists.

Tracing Your Lineage with Many services can assist you in organizing your genealogical research, such as FamilySearch and MyHeritage. However, the Clan Forbes Society has chosen to use for recording its many family trees. Ancestry has the most records of any other site (17 billion), is extremely easy to use, has a mobile app, and has a companion program for updating information offline (Family Tree Maker, by Mackiev.) Learn more here.

Genealogy Research Tips. Pat Cummins of the Genealogy Committee of the St. Andrew's Society of Washington, D.C., offers his suggestions for research, software, and online services. 

Making the most of visiting your Ancestral Lands. Genealogist Dr Bruce Durie advises on starting your search for Scottish ancestry.

DNA Testing. Are you considering getting a DNA Test? Perhaps you’ve seen the TV commercials. Possibly you’ve hit a brick wall in researching your genealogy. Or maybe you’re just curious. For whatever reason, a DNA test is a good way to learn more about yourself and your heritage

How to Hire a Professional Genealogist. Even after all your best efforts, you may not be able to track your lineage to your satisfaction. That's when you need to bring in  professional. The Association of Professional Genealogists provides an excellent guide on how to find and hire a professional. 


Aberdeen Family History Society. This Scottish genealogy society offers genealogy resources, publications, and research services.

Forbes Emigration to Colonial America. Learn about the reasons why Scots emigrated, discover where they went, and check the list of all known Forbes immigrants to Colonial America. 

Forbes Down Under: The House of Forbes has made an impact all over the world, from their native land of Scotland, to Ireland, to the Scandinavian countries, to the Americas, and even to “down under” in Australia and New Zealand. Learn more here.

Scottish Resources for Tracing Your Ancestors. You can research your genealogy with many Scottish resources listed in publications, online databases, and through in-person research.

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