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Malcolm Nigel, 23rd Lord Forbes,
with Castle Forbes in background


Coat of Arms of Lord Forbes

House of Forbes

This family history and genealogical data about the Forbes family of Scotland from about 1271 A.D. to the present utilizes research accumulations of past genealogists as well as critical analysis. The 1937 edition published by the Third Spalding Club was researched and edited by Alistair and Henrietta Tayler. Additions of the later members of the House of Forbes are drawn from the 1987 reprint. Pedigree charts of 30 of the Forbes families of Scotland are included, and 16 of these are discussed in the text. Some descendants emigrated to England, Ireland, Australia, the United States and elsewhere.


Part I. The Lords Forbes from 1 to 23


Part II. Cadet Branches


Arms of Forbes

Index to the House of Forbes

Family Trees


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