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Christmas Movie Inspired by Castle Forbes Perfumery

If you’re a Clan Forbes member who enjoys holiday movies, you’ll want to watch “Christmas at the Castle” (originally released in 2019 as “Christmas in the Highlands.”) The movie has a strong connection to the Castle Forbes perfumery – and even includes a brief clip of the old dairy building on the Castle Forbes Estate!

This 90-minute film produced by Reel One Entertainment follows Blair Henderson (Brooke Burfitt), a perfume expert based in New York City. She travels to Scotland to purchase the rights to a rare Scottish fragrance, The Heart of the Highlands. However, the owner of the fragrance, Alistair McGregor (Dan Jeannotte), refuses to sell. She poses as a filmmaker featuring his perfumery – and romance, conflict, and holiday magic ensues.

Andrew French, Castle Forbes creator and co-founder

This movie was inspired by the story of the Castle Forbes line of premium men’s grooming products. Andrew French was the line’s creator and co-founder with Jinny, Lady Forbes. Andrew’s younger daughter Harriet (Harri) went to school with Arabella Burfitt-Dons. He was friendly with Arabella’s mother Louise Burfitt-Dons, who was a screenwriter.  Andrew was contacted her daughter, actor Brooke Burfitt. Andrew relates that “she said that her mother Louise Burfitt-Dons had written a story around what I had told her several years before when talking about The Castle Forbes Collection and Malcolm converting the old dairy into the perfumery at Castle Forbes and where we had created all of our fragrances.”

Actress Brooke Burfitt at former Castle Forbes Perfumery

He added that “she had been commissioned to make her mother's story into a film” and requested to use the Castle Forbes perfumery in the film. Malcolm, Lord Forbes, agreed to allow the production company to use the perfumery building and other facilities, gratis. Andrew reported that Brooke and her mother “changed the story line to our perfumery into being the Hero's Mother's private perfumery that no one had used for 10 years since her early, sad and untimely death.” Brooke Burfitt went on to play the lead in the movie, opposite Dan Jeannotte as the reluctant laird and perfumier.


Where you can watch “Christmas at the Castle” or “Christmas in the Highlands:”


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