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Enjoying Your Role as a Clan Forbes Tent Convener

Clan Forbes Tent
Author Bart Forbes hosting the Clan Forbes tent at the 2017 Grandfather Mountain Highland Games.

For over 15 years, I have hosted tents at highland games and festivals for Clan Forbes, WhiskyDC, and the St. Andrew’s Society of Washington, DC. Without exception, I’ve had a great time and made many good friends! If you are outgoing and passionate about your heritage, I encourage you to consider becoming a Clan Forbes Society Convener at your local highland games or festival! Here are the basic steps.

Check with the organizers. Confirm the dates and location of the event. Find out if the event already has a Clan Forbes representative. Determine the requirements such as tent fees and whether the event offers tents, tables and chairs -- or whether you need to provide your own.

Register with Clan Forbes Society. We’ll include you as the convener on our games and festival listing. We’ll encourage you to download and read the Clan Forbes Society Conveners Guide. We’ll reimburse you for your tent fees, as long as they are reasonable and we have funds in the budget. We’ll also send you a basic kit of brochures, banners, and display materials.

Recruit other hosts. Contact family and clan members in your area to assist you. Clan Forbes Society will notify you of any other members in your area. Confirm shifts, especially for set and strike. Assign tasks such as bringing brochures and display materials, providing food and drinks, and bringing tablets or laptops for instant sign-ups and accessing the Society website.

Host your Clan Tent. Arrive early enough to set up your tent, banners, and displays. Help the other clans! Ensure that the tent is always staffed. Provide requested information about the House of Forbes and the Clan Forbes Society. Offer hospitality! Sign up new members through brochures, a sign-up list and direct access online. Enjoy!

Follow up. Send e-mails to all your guests to thank them for visiting your tent. Send your list of sign-ups and completed brochures to Clan Forbes Society. Submit an after action report (AAR) with a roundup of your experiences, successes, suggestions, and photos for our website!

Start planning for next year!

For more information, contact

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