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Welcome to Clan Forbes Society, Inc.!

Clan Forbes Society, Inc., is dedicated to helping and encouraging all those with Forbes ancestry to connect with their Scottish roots through recruitment, education, connection, and engagement. The Society is the only active educational and charitable nonprofit corporation serving Clan Forbes.


The Society works to identify all people with the family name Forbes (or descended from a Forbes.) While all have a sense of their immediate families, they may not be aware of their connections to Scotland and to the course of history. The Society also works to identify those individuals with the family name of a “sept” of Clan Forbes.


The Society will provide a basic orientation that includes the House of Forbes, its major branches, and the accomplishments of notable Forbes impact in Scottish history and in his or her native country. The Society will also develop other educational materials such as articles, publications, photograph books, online quizzes, displays, events, webinars, and videos.


The Society will provide basic training in tracing the member’s lineage through online genealogy and historical research services. This will link the recruit to specific Forbes family members, branches and historical sites.


The Society shall foster active communications among all Forbes though the official website; social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram); in-person meetings and events (such as highland games and Scottish festivals); and Scottish gatherings and ancestral tours.

If you would like to help, please send an e-mail to Lonach!

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