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Forbes in the Military

20th and 21st Centuries

David Forbes

David Forbes

Royal Canadian Air Force



Years of Service:

1997 - Current

After pilot training, Forbes served with 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron in 2004. In 2010, he deployed in Canada’s Special Operations Task Force to Kandahar, Afghanistan. LCol Forbes was posted to 1 Wing HQ, Kingston, as the A5 Plans Officer, and then to 408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron first as the Operations Officer and later as a Flight Commander. In November 2013, he deployed to the Philippines on Operation RENAISSANCE-13. Following Command and Staff College, LCol Forbes spent one year working on the Strong-Secure-Engaged defense policy for the Chief of Force Development in Ottawa and two years as the Senior Staff Officer for Tactical Aviation at 1 Canadian Air Division Headquarters in Winnipeg.

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