1562 Battle of Corrichie

The Battle of Corrichie in 1562 was a decisive battle between Catholic Scottish Lords who rebelled against the rule of Mary, Queen of Scots. However, this was also a major clan conflict between the Gordons and Forbeses.

Mary, Queen of Scots

Queen Mary was six days old when her father King James V died and she acceded to the throne in 1542. The country was ruled by regents while Mary lived in France and was married to Francis II of France. After he died, she returned to Scotland in 1561 to find the country torn between Catholic and Protestant factions. The Catholic George Gordon, 4th Earl of Huntly, then Lord Chancellor, was dismayed by Queen Mary’s acceptance of Protestants in her privy council and led a rebellion against her in the Highlands.

While the Lords Forbes held much of their estate from Huntly and had entered into agreements of mutual defense against a common foe, the Government formally released them from these oaths. This allowed Lord Forbes to join Clan Fraser, Clan Munro, Clan Mackenzie, Clan Mackintosh, Clan Mackay, Clan Murray, and Clan Cameron to rally to the Royalist cause while Huntly rallied Clan Gordon and Clan Brodie.

Plaque on Corrichie Burn Battle Monument

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