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Castle Forbes Distributer Smallflower Offers Discount to Clan Forbes Society

Updated: Mar 4

Everyone who visits Castle Forbes will notice an antique secretary overflowing with men’s shaving and grooming products. This line of “Castle Forbes” shaving creams, after shave balms, and men’s cologne was created Jinny, Lady Forbes, in 1996.

An ardent horticulturist, she began experimenting with the combination of different scents in the old dairy building in the back of Castle Forbes. Joined by perfumery expert and family friend, Andrew French, she used only pure essential oils and other natural ingredients to create high-end luxury products.

The line of premium products has expanded greatly from that time and is now distributed in the United States through the Smallflower. This company was founded in 1998 by Merz Apothecary owner Abdul Qaiyum and his son, Anthony. Their challenge was to meld the Old World approach and knowledge of Merz Apothecary with the New World technology of e-commerce, without losing the vision and character that make Merz Apothecary special.

At the suggestion of Malcolm, Lord Forbes, Smallflower is offering a 15% discount for all Castle Forbes products until December 31, 2023. The shaving creams are very concentrated so that only a small amount is needed to produce a rich, creamy, lather for a close shave. All products are all-natural and organic, without alcohol, animal-based products, parabens, or added colors. The scents include Cedarwood & Sandalwood; Lavender; Lime; and "1445" in recognition of the date Alexander, First Lord Forbes, was seated in the Scottish Parliament. Castle Forbes also offers many men's colognes with distinctive scents.

Learn more about these products and get the discount promo code here:

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