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House of Forbes Estates

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

The highest density of people with the surname of Forbes (one person out of 250) is in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. This is not surprising since the House of Forbes originated in the dúthchas, or ancestral land, of Forbes in Aberdeenshire over eight centuries ago. (See Origins of the House of Forbes.)

The four major branches of Forbes originated with the sons of Sir John “with the Black Lip” of Forbes (circa 1350 – 1406): Alexander of Forbes (1380 - 1448), the first Lord Forbes; William of Kynaldy, the first Lord Pitsligo (circa 1385 – 1445); John of Tolquhon (circa 1390 – circa 1453); and Alastair Cam of Brux (birthdate unknown – circa 1438.) (See Major Branches of the House of Forbes.)

Over the next few hundred years, these sons of Sir John thrived and their families gained more land and influence – over 160 estates, primarily in Aberdeenshire. The estates (in Aberdeenshire parishes or other locations) included:

Families of Alexander, Lord Forbes: Abersnithack, Monymusk; Asloun, Alford; Auchinhove, Lumphanan; Auchintoul, Alford; Auquhorthies, Inverurie; Balfluig, Alford; Balfour, Birse; Ballogie, Birse; Balnagask, Nigg; Balvenie, Mortlach; Bandodle, Midmar; Bankhead, Midmar; Barns, Strathdon; Birsemore, Birse; Bithnie, Tullynessle; Blackford, Fyvie; Blackhall, Inverurie; Blacktown, King-Edward; Breda, Alford; Byth, King-Edward; Cairncoulie, LeochelCushnie; Camphill, Lumphanan; Castle Forbes, Keig; Cloak, Lumphanan; Corse, Coull; Corsindae, Midmar; Cotton, Aberdeen; Cowlie, Coull; Craigievar, Leochel-Cushnie; Disblair, Fintray; Druminnor, Kearn; Drummalachie, Towie; Fechil, Ellon; Fettercairn, Kincardineshire; Fintray, Fintray; Fodderbirse, Birse; Fowlis, Leochel-Cushnie; Granard, Ireland; Haughton, Alford; Kermucks, Ellon; Kincardine, KincardineO'Neil; Kinmundy, Newmachar; Knockendoch, Leochel-Cushnie; Ladysford, Tyrie; Learney, KincardineO'Neil; Leslie, Leslie; Lethenty, Chapel of Garioch; Ludquharn, Longside; Meiklewardes, Chapel of Garioch; Milnebowie, Skene; Monymusk, Monymusk; Newhills, Aberdeen; Newton, Culsalmond; Oldwhat, New Deer; Putachie, Keig; Rubislaw, Aberdeen; Saplinbrae, Old Deer; Schivas, Tarves; Sheddocksley, Aberdeen; Sinnahard, Towie; Spring-hill, Aberdeen; Thainston, Kintore; Tilliegreig, Udny; Tolmads, Midmar; Tulloch, Monymusk; and Upper Boyndlie, Tyrie.

Families of William, Lord Pitsligo: Ardgeith, Strathdon; Asloun, Alford; Auchlin, Clatt; Auchmedden, Aberdour; Barns, Strathdon; Bellabeg, Strathdon; Buchaam, Strathdon; Callendar, Stirlingshire; Castleton, KingEdward; Crimond, Lonmay; Culquharrie, Strathdon; Culquhonny, Strathdon; Daach, Logie-Coldstone; Deskrie, Tyrie; Drumlassie, Kincardine O'Neil; EasterFowlis, Leochel; EasterMigvie, Migvie; Kilmany, Fife; Kinaldie, Logie-Coldstone; Lethenty, Chapel of Garioch; lnvernochty, Strathdon; Logie-Coldstone, Boyndlie; Monthooly, Pitsligo; Newe, Strathdon; Newlands, Oyne; Oldtown, Slains; Pennan, Aberdour; Pitallachie, Logie-Coldstone; Pitsligo, Pitsligo; Pittentaggart, Migvie; Rires, Fife; Rothiemay, Rothiemay; Sunhoney, Midmar; and

Torhendry, Longside.

Families of John, Laird of Tolquhon: Ardgeithen, Alford; Ardmurdo, Keithhall; Ardo, Belhelvie; Auchreddie, New Deer; Auchry, Montquhitter; Badiefurrow, Inverurie; Balgownie, Old Machar; Bandley, Alford; Clova, Auchindoir; Corvalla, Isle of Man; Craigie, Tarves; Culloden, Inverness; Easter-Balfour, Birse; Echt, Echt; Edinbanchory, Auchindoir; Essie, Rhynie; Fingask, Daviot; Finnersie, Echt; Forresterhill, Meldrum; Foveran, Foveran; Hazelhead, Aberdeen; Inverurie, Inverurie; Kebbaty, Midmar; Keithack, Mortlach; Keithmore, Mortlach; Knappernay, Udny; Knockquharn, Echt; Logie, Longside; Merryoak, Southampton; Midmiln, Cruden; Newhall, Midlothian; Newstone, Ireland; Pitgirso, Foveran; Pitnacalder, Midmar; Savoch, Foveran; Shiels, Midmar; Templeton, Kildrummy; Thornton, Laurencekirk; Tillery, Foveran; Tillyboy, Echt; Tillygonie, Tarves; Tolquhon, Tarves; Waterton, Ellon; and Whitehaugh, Tullynessle.

Families of Alastair Cam, Laird of Brux: Auchernach, Strathdon; Balbithan, Keith Hall;

Belnabodach, Strathdon; Braehead, Banchory; Brux, Kildruromy; Corriebreck, Strathdon; Cults, Kennethmont; Drumallachie, Towie; Eggie, Belhelvie; Gellen, Coull; HuttonHall, Essex; Inverernan, Strathdon; Invernettie, Strathdon; Kingerloch, Strontian; Ledmacoy, Strathdon; Rippachie, Strathdon; Seaton, Old Aberdeen; Skellater, Strathdon; and Towie, Towie.

The Forbes estates were meticulously mapped by Miss Kitty Forbes of Newe (1808 – 1891), brother to Charles Forbes of Newe, 3rd Baronet. Her work was redrawn for the 1937 publication of House of Forbes, by Alastair and Henrietta Tayler.

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