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House of Forbes Family Tree on is Blooming

Updated: May 8, 2020

The House of Forbes Family Tree on has been blooming, thanks to Member Catherine Forbes McCausland.

Until April 2020, the Family Tree was as bare as an elm in winter. When Catherine requested information about the tree, president Bart Forbes immediately asked if she would be interested in expanding the tree and information. She agreed – and has done an amazing job in filling in the births, marriages, children and deaths of the Lords and their wives, using the 1937 book House of Forbes as her main source.

Catherine notes, “My guiding thought has been, what would be most useful to Forbes family researchers?” Her goal over the next year is to document the descendant generations of those male siblings, since nearly all of the Clan Society members are descended from one of the siblings of the Lords over the centuries. Her approach will be to research occupations on census records of the Forbeses listed in the section of the book "Descendants of the Younger Sons of the Lords Forbes."

If you are interested in becoming an Editor to work on different sections of the tree, please let us know! Drop us a note at With your help, we can provide an immense resource to all members of the House of Forbes!

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