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Genealogy Resources

The Clan Forbes Society has added many new sources for your genealogical research in the Clan Forbes Reference Library! We now have many peerages and Scottish heraldic works such as Sharpe's Peerage of the British Empire (1833), Paul’s Scots Peerage section on Forbes (1907), Burke’s Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry (1850), MacFarlane’s Genealogical Collections Concerning Families in Scotland (1751), Burke’s Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Colonial Gentry (1891), and Burke’s Distinguished Families of America (1939.)

We’ve also posted many genealogies of the families that are closely intertwined with the House of Forbes, such as Historical Records of the Family of Leslie (1868), House of Gordon (1907), Irvines of Drum and Collateral Branches (1909), Family Record of the Name of Dingwall Fordyce in Aberdeenshire (1885), and Memorials of the Family of Gordon of Craig and Notes on the Cabrach (1904.) Within the House of Forbes, we’re included information on such individual branches as Forbes and Forbush Genealogy (1892), Higby Peck Ross Rundel & Forbes Genealogy (1935), Memoranda Relating to the Family of Forbes of Waterton (1857), and Memorials of the Family of Forbes of Forbesfield (1903).

As a special bonus, we’ve added such fascinating resources as Aberdeenshire Epitaphs and Inscriptions (1907), Ancient Criminal Trials in Scotland (18330, and Records of the Sheriff Court of Aberdeenshire (1904).

All these resources are available only to Active, Paton, and Legacy Life Members of the Society. If you haven’t paid your dues yet, please visit And a whole world of genealogical information will open to you!

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