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Geordie, Master of Forbes, at Lonach Gathering

Lord Forbes
Iso Forbes; Malcolm, Lord Forbes; and Geordie, Master of Forbes.

This past August, Geordie, the Master of Forbes, stepped out for the first time at the 2019 Lonach Gathering and Highland Games in Bellabeg, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire.

He was joined by his sister Iso and his grandfather, Clan Chief Malcolm, 23rd Lord Forbes. Lord Forbes reports that Geordie was most proud of his kilt and two eagle feathers, the badge of his position.

The Gathering is hosted by the Lonach Highland and Friendly Society, made up of men from the Strathdon area of Aberdeenshire in Scotland. The society was formed in 1823 for the preservation of Highland Dress and the Gaelic language and to support loyal, peaceable manly conduct among the inhabitants of this district. The patron of this gathering is Sir James Thomas Stewart Forbes, 8th Baronet of Newe.

Lord Forbes and his family was joined by veterans of the Gurkha regiment who were collecting for a military charity. Menbahadur Gurung (left) has been employed on the Castle Forbes Estate to care for Lord Forbes’s father, Nigel Ivan Forbes, 22nd Lord Forbes, until his death in 2013 and his mother.

The Society will be participating in the 2020 Lonach Gathering and Highland Games as part of its Clan Forbes Ancestral Tour.

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