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Clan Forbes Society and the Lonach Highland Gathering and Games

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

This year, the Clan Forbes Society was an active participant in the Lonach Highland Gathering and Games, “Scotland’s friendliest games.” The event is the keystone activity of the Lonach Highland and Friendly Society, a charitable organization based in Strathdon, Aberdeenshire. The Society was founded in 1823, by Sir Charles Forbes, 1st Baronet of Newe and Edinglassie. The tradition has continued with its current patron, his Great- Great-Great-Grandson Sir James Thomas Stewart Forbes of Newe, 8th Baronet. The Lonach Gathering features the Lonach Pipeband and the march of the Lonach Highlanders. While most members wear the official Clan Forbes tartan, some sport the red Wallace tartan which reflects the other major local clan.

Loanch Pipeband and Lonach Highlanders at the 2022 Lonach Highland Gathering and Games

More than just cheering on the competitors, the Society was also a Bronze Sponsor of the event. For its financial support, the Society received advertising space in the print program, a choice location for a Society banner, and the sponsorship of the 12- to 18-year-old bagpipe competition.

Clan Chief, Malcolm, Lord Forbes, also invited Society President Bart Forbes to attend the annual luncheon of the Highlanders, local men who are members of The Lonach Highland and Friendly Society, in the historic Lonach Hall. After lunch, the president joined the Clan Chief and his heir, Geordie, Master of Forbes, as they marched at the end of the Highlanders to the Lonach field.

Left: Inside Lonach Hall. Right: Malcolm, Lord Forbes, before marching with the Lonach Highlanders to the games field.
Front row: Angus Forbes-Cable; Geordie, Master of Forbes; Isolda Forbes. Second row: Jinny, Lady Forbes; Malcolm, Lord Forbes; Lady Mary.

The travelers were welcomed by Lonach Gathering Patron Sir James Thomas Stewart Forbes of Newe, 8th Baronet. The Society presented him with a pewter quaich engraved with the Clan Forbes crest. The Society also gifted a quaich to Geordie, Master of Forbes. During the Games, the tour participants were joined in the covered stands by their Chief, his wife, Jinny, Lady Forbes, and members of their family, including his daughter-in-law the Hon. Maria Forbes and his grandchildren Geordie Malcolm Andrew Forbes, Master of Forbes, and Isolda Claudia Maria Forbes. Also joining the Society was Lady Mary, widow of Sir Sir Hamish Forbes of Newe, 7th Baronet, and stepmother of Sir James.

Left to right: Natalie Gates, Membership Chairman; Jim Forbes, Vice President for Operations; Leslie Furbish, Vice President for Conveners; Bart Forbes, President; Sir James Forbes, 8th Baronet; Malcolm, Lord Forbes; and Geordie, Master of Forbes.

The Lonach Gathering concluded a six-day tour of many Forbes Heritage sites including Druminnor Castle, Castle Forbes, Pitsligo Castle, Fyvie Castle, Craigievar Castle, Culloden House and Battlefield, and Corgarff Castle.

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