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National Trust for Scotland

The House of Forbes Craigievar Castle and Fyvie Castle are both featured in the summer magazine of the National Trust for Scotland. Of course, both grand castles will be included in the 2020 Clan Forbes Ancestral Tour – and this issue will provide you with a preview of what to expect!

A conservation charity, the Trust’s mission is protecting our heritage to enjoy it forever. It’s the largest member organisation in Scotland. From coastlines to castles, art to architecture, wildlife to wilderness, the Trust encourages people to connect with the things that make Scotland unique while protecting them for future generations. For example, the summer issue of the Trust’s magazine features installation of contemporary sculpture at J.M. Barrie's birthplace and Glencoe and repairs at the Preston Mill waterwheel, an Outlander fan favorite.

The Trust is supported by the American non-profit National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA (NTSUSA.) I had the distinct pleasure of sharing a table and swapping ideas with Kirstin Bridier, NTSUSA Executive Director, at the 2018 Scottish North American Leadership Conference in October 2018 in Troy, Michigan. For example, I suggested that information about the House of Forbes and the Clan Forbes Society be included in signage at the former Forbes properties.

As a result of this meeting, I immediately became a member of NTSUSA – and I encourage you to do so, as well! Membership in the Trust provides you with free entrance and parking at all Trust properties (including Craigievar and Fyvie) and a subscription to its magazines and guides.

By the way, NTSUSA will be partnering with Scottish Heritage USA to bring the Trust's Head of Archaeology to the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games (GMHG) in July. Derek Alexander will be lecturing on his recent excavations at Glencoe and Glenshiel in North Carolina and in New England. Derek's work on the Culzean caves, ideal for hiding smuggled goods during the late 17th and 18th centuries, is detailed in the summer edition of the NTS magazine.

I will be attending the GMHG in North Carolina this year with Clan Convener Ron Pearson – and I look forward to hearing about Mr. Alexander’s work. If you line in North Carolina, I encourage you to visit the Clan Forbes Society tent and learn more about the work of the Trust!

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