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ScotlandShop: Focus on Forbes

Every month, the ScotlandShop chooses a Clan to celebrate – and October 2021 is dedicated to Clan Forbes!

The ScotlandShop offers a wide variety of tailored tartan clothing and interiors, including kilts, dresses, suits, shoes and gifts. The operation combines the talents of the many designers and manufacturers across Scotland.

Anna White founded the company in 2002 based on a love of fashion, fabric and Scottish culture – and to contribute to the development of the local rural economy in the Scottish Borders. The ScotlandShop has most recently opened a new store in Albany, New York, USA.

The Clan Forbes Society has a special relationship with the organization. The ScotlandShop was a Sponsor of our latest publication House of Forbes for Kids and will be hosting a “pop-up” store for the participants of the August 2022 Clan Forbes Scotland tour – and for our Forbes cousins in Aberdeenshire!

As part of its focus on Forbes during October, the ScotlandShop is looking for your contributions! Please share your stories of Forbes celebrations, gatherings, members of your family making history, or simply a cool photo of you sporting your Forbes tartan. These will be compiled and shared with Forbes fans all over the world. Send your contributions to:

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