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Walt Disney Company Donates $1,100 through VoluntEARS Program

Convener Anne Forbes (right)

The Clan Forbes Society has just received a donation of $1,100 that matches the volunteer hours of Clan Convener Ann Forbes of Florida. While many companies (see below) match their employees’ contributions, some such as the Disney Company also match their volunteer time.

As Ann explains: “At Disney, we can turn our volunteer hours into dollars to donate to an approved charity. The max is $2000.00 per year if we volunteer 200 hours.” The $1,100 donation represented part of 2023.

Only organizations recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as have an active tax-exemption may be qualified. Each organization must register with the company and after an employee donates to a nonprofit, they can submit a matching gift request. The company will make an additional donation to that nonprofit, typically on a 1:1 or 2:1 basis.

Please consider submitting your matching gift request if you are employed by one of these companies or ask if your employer has such as program.

  • American Express

  • Apex Benefits

  • Apple

  • Avon

  • Baxter International

  • BP

  • Charles Schwab Corporation

  • Checkr

  • Chevron

  • Choice Hotels International

  • Cisco Systems

  • Coca-Cola

  • Dell

  • Deloitte

  • Delta Air Lines

  • Disney

  • ExxonMobil

  • Fundamental Advisors

  • Gap Corporation

  • Gene B. Glick

  • General Electric

  • General Mills

  • Google

  • HireMinds

  • HP

  • IBM

  • Intel

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • JPMorgan

  • Kingsmen Software

  • Levi Strauss & Co

  • Merck & Co.

  • Microsoft

  • Motorola Solutions

  • Netrality Data Centers

  • Pfizer

  • Salesforce

  • Sanofi

  • Soros Fund Management

  • Starbucks

  • State Farm

  • State Street Corporation

  • The Home Depot

  • Toyota

  • Verizon

  • Visa

  • Wealth Advisor Growth Network

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