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Welcome to the Clan Forbes Society, Inc. 


Clan Forbes Society, Inc., is a charitable, cultural and educational organization dedicated to helping and encouraging all those with lineage from the Scottish House of Forbes to connect with their Scottish roots by assisting with genealogical and historical research, promoting education of Scottish culture, and creating of a sense of community among the descendants of the Scottish Clan Forbes and its adherents.

Clan Chief: Malcolm, 23rd Lord Forbes

The title of Lord Forbes was created sometime after 1436 for Alexander de Forbes, feudal baron of Forbes. In a Precept dated July 12, 1442, he is already styled Lord Forbes. Brown's 1834 Peerage of Scotland gives a creation year of 1440. Since the title is the oldest in Scotland, Lord Forbes is Premier Lord of Scotland. Malcolm Nigel Forbes, the 23rd Lord Forbes, is the Chief of Clan Forbes and the family seat is Castle Forbes near Alford, Aberdeenshire.



The House of Forbes is an ancient family with its origins in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom. Many different stories attempt to explain the derivation of the name Forbes. The most reliable account tell that descendants from the Kings of Picts claimed land that was inhabited by wild bears. A man called Oconachar killed the bears and claimed the land as "first occupier". The land was called the "Braes o’ Forbes" and the first known descendant called himself “John de Forbes” (1165 – 1214.) The Forbes coat of arms depict three muzzled bears to honor Oconachar. The grandson of John de Forbes, Duncan Forbes, received an official grant of land in about 1271 from Alexander III of Scotland. Learn more:


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We all have families that shape who we are. Genealogy is looking beyond our immediate family in order to discover what has affected us, where we came from, and how we are all connected. Clan Forbes Society, Inc., encourages you to start researching your genealogy, sharing your ancestors with others to find new family members, and discover the amazing cultural heritage that links us to Scotland. Learn more:


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