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Lord Forbes 2020 Christmas Message

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

The restrictions that we have lived with during most of 2020 have meant that Lady Forbes and I have not seen nearly as much of our children and grandchildren this year. Although most of them did manage to visit for a few days in the summer when the pandemic appeared to be on the wane and restrictions were eased a bit, we have not been encouraged to leave Castle Forbes ourselves.

This has had one major benefit in that it is the only time in my life when I have spent such a prolonged period at home and, therefore, been able to appreciate fully the slowly changing seasons in a way that I had never done before. Time at home has meant that the garden and grounds round the castle have never looked better although, very sadly, we have been unable to welcome any visitors to enjoy them with us!

This, however, has not compensated for the lack of the usual regular contact with the family and visits from other members of the clan, particularly from the U.S., which was compounded this year by the very sad cancellation of the tour of the Clan Forbes Society to Scotland that was to have included a reception at Castle Forbes and culminated with a visit to the Lonach Gathering which, of course, itself had to be cancelled.

The Scottish Clan system gives us all a bond with a special group of people with an unwritten connection founded many centuries ago in the northern part of a small island off the coast of Europe. We are, of course, instantly recognisable to each other when we wear our unique tartan and, through the revitalised Clan Forbes Society, can now connect so easily with each other and learn so much about our ancestors and their proud history.

I would like to pay tribute to all who so enthusiastically foster the traditions of our clan through the Clan Forbes Society. And Lady Forbes joins me in wishing all members of the Society a Very Happy Christmas: and may 2021 bring health, happiness and a chance to reconnect with each other in the ways to which we were accustomed.

Grace me Guide

Malcolm, Lord Forbes

Castle Forbes

December 2020

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